After having the maternity session with this beautiful family I was so thrilled to get the message that their little beauty had come! Cathryn Noemi Sayoko had arrived, though it took just a couple days for them to decide on her name. This sweet girl is so loved and was being passed around by the grandmas and her auntie when I arrived. She was just perfect too. I always anticipate some settling down and soothing time and I don't think she cried the whole time I was there, maybe just squeaked a tiny bit when she wanted her meal. She must have known that she was the star of the show. In my newborn sessions, I have two things I focus on: getting lots of closeup portraits of the new person and then lots of cuddling and loving with family members. I don't do a whole lot of posing but instead want to show the way their little legs are all bent up, arms go up by their heads and bodies curl around, just like they were days ago all tucked inside their moms. Those squishy, lovely littles change so quickly the first days and it is such a blessing to capture this time.

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Lovely Catie did a lot of grinning in her sleep. She must have known she was on the blanket that her auntie made for her!

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Joy actually came to one of my parent photography workshops before we did her sessions and she was doing an awesome job documenting her girlie the first days. However, it's always good to get lots of pictures of the camera toting mom.

I absolutely love this one. There is just something so wonderful about that universal love moms have for their babies.

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Having gone the midwife route myself, it's always fun to hear about others who have done the same.  We just learned that both of us had the same midwife with our births.  How cool is that!

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It was warm and beautiful outside to we popped out for some family pictures. We had about two minutes before Kyle was ready to get down and gallop around.

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See, she was one happy little clam with all the cuddling.

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Big brother, Kyle, had already done some sitting with his family and the new baby and like any good little boy, he was more interested in running around than sitting tidily for the camera. We had to get creative. Of course, Cathryn, was happy still and chilling in the baby doll cradle I brought along so we tucked a bowl of snacks in her cradle and plopped Kyle down. He was more than interested in staying now :). Amos, the dog, was perfectly co-operative and we got these really fun shots. I was laughing as I snapped away.

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Add a silly puppet to get some smiles and this brother was shining like a star.

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Joy and David, thanks for a great session with your family. I so enjoyed getting to spend time with you all again and getting some baby cuddles with your little lady as well!