When I photograph you, I care way more about capturing your heart than making you look cool. Honestly, making sure your hair is just so is something I don't really notice. I am not a stylist and I do not have a list of poses in the back of my mind that I will put you in. When we are together, I am far more concerned about connecting, putting you at ease, and giving you a way to shine who you are. With families, I will ask questions, tease, and mess around with you a little in the hopes that you will relax enough to be who you really are together. When doing individual portraits, I want to hold up the mirror and get a good look at you.

I have been posting some "peeks" on Facebook from Caryn and Anna's senior session. These twin sisters and their mama have been so excited at everything I have put up and today when Cat quoted the girls' aunt, Janis, and said, "You take pictures of peoples souls & their very essence!" it brought tears to my eyes. That's exactly what I want to do!

I first met Caryn and Anna in Texas when they were little preschoolers with big smiles, attached at the hip and always holding hands. Cat told me that though we haven't seen each other since my wedding, Anna has been holding out hope for me to do their senior pictures. Oh, how perfect that I got to do this for one of my Texas minis!

It was pure fun (and so easy for me!) to walk around with these girls and their mom and great-aunt Cathy (Cackie to her family). I don't think that they took a bad picture so the biggest challenge was deciding on my favorites.

I asked them, "Do you really get along like this all the time?" They smiled, shrugged, looked at each other and said, "Pretty much." Cat, the sentimental and weepy mom :) , said, "I don't know how they ended up like this but they are really angels."

Love their connection. Love their beauty. Love the shiny hearts they have.

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With Cackie (their great aunt and my sweet friend, Cathy.) Who has a great aunt this amazing looking, anyways?

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Oh my heavens. These girls are absolute knock outs.

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By the lamp post, in honor of the Narnia production they are both involved in this year.

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With their beautiful mom. (I always insist on a few pictures with the moms at senior sessions.)

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Oh girls, it was such a treat to spend this time with you! The only bad thing was that I realized we forgot to go back to Milwaukee Joe's and sit on the cow tables with ice cream for the final shots. So....I think we should do this again and get the ice cream shots....when you graduate college. I'll put it in my calendar :) .