I am getting so excited to meet a sweet baby girl! Ahhhhhhh...... IMG 0113 copywat

My sister, Kelly, and her husband, Dano, are getting ready to welcome their little lovebug tomorrow (Tuesday). And I am jumping in the car to drive up for the birth.

I remember when Kelly and I were little and we would go with our parents to friends' homes. Often, if visits would last late at night, we would get in our jammies and go to sleep there until our parents were ready to cart us home. I remember one night when Kelly, around 3, was laying there asleep with her flushed soft cheeks. I was about six, and I remember just loving her so much. I kissed her over and over and over, just covering her cheeks with kisses.

That's the way I feel about her baby girl....like I just want to smother her with love and kisses. I already found a onesie for her to wear one day when we are hanging out together.

IMG 0608 copywat

You can be VERY SURE that many, many pictures are coming. If you want to look at Kelly's maternity session, you can click this LINK.

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