I was so happy to meet up with this beautiful family.  Sunshine, great smiles and some terribly cute outfits were all in our favor.  I was really loving Mya’s red scarf which she was willing to wear for some frozen yogurt at the end (smart girl!).  They are a sweet bunch.  With this many kiddos, and especially this age, there are a  lot of variables to getting a shot where everyone looks great.  I know as sometimes I need to take hundreds of thousands of my four just to get a usable one, but these guys rocked it. 

My boys were wishing they could have been along for this session as “helpers” (which I never allow because they are all the help I need…and more!).  Jasper was wishing he could see his friend, Maddie, who’s been a classmate and friend since kindergarten, and Tymen wanted to see his teacher.  We’re so thankful for great families like this in our community!

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There has to be a hairy moment or two, right…..?19-Mc Carthy2014-70

It’s always fun at the end to do a few fun ones with the kids.  We cut the rug and danced a little.20-Mc Carthy2014-7421-Mc Carthy2014-7722-Mc Carthy2014-7923-Mc Carthy2014-9324-Mc Carthy2014-89