It wasn't so long ago that Caleb was the wee newborn in the pictures and now...he's the big brother. He's a good one and he's pleased as punch that there's a new little brother that he can take care of and play with soon. Right now he's good at cuddling Arthur but soon they'll be banging around doing boy stuff together. There are pictures that I've done all over their home and it's fun for me to walk around and see them up. When Kyle and Amanda were getting married many years ago now, I talked them into letting me take engagement pictures for them when I had my first digital camera and had read a chapter in a book on photography :). Good sports for sure! Now it is a blessing to see their beautiful family growing and happy and Baby Arthur fits in perfectly.

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Mom and Dad's bed is often a nice place to snuggle up for some newborn pictures. It's cozy and there's room for siblings to cuddle without fear of where that new baby might land.

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Grandma Anne bought the boys these wonderful hats.

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There is such a range of styles with newborn photography. There are some fantastic photographers who style babies amazingly all the way over to photographers who go completely lifestyle and focus more on the organic feel of life with a newborn. For me, my favorites of my own kids are close ups of their sweet faces, feet and bellies. My other favorites are of them being cuddled by the family, as they are held so very much their first weeks of life. Plus I'm always fascinated by the way new babies are loved by their families so wholly and completely.

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Welcome, Arthur!