How many times has it been said, "Babies grow so quickly!" And it is so very true. Little Caleb and his mommy came for a visit today and in two months this little cutie has become quite a little person, grinning and cooing.

The kids and I surrounded him like a pack of baby piranhas when he came in all strapped in his carseat and it was so cute to see his little head go back and forth looking at all of us. We all got our turns to hold him. Tymen grinned at him and said over and over, "Weet! Weet!" (Sweet! Sweet!)

And that he is! What a lovely little personality he has. So Auntie Cassandra had to get out her camera to document him a little more. (I love getting to be an honorary auntie :) ).

IMG 7965 copywat

IMG 7982 copywat

IMG 7967 copywat

IMG 7981 copywat

Come on over, anytime, little buddy. You can even bring your parents along.

IMG 7992 copywat