Have you ever looked at a clunky website or blog that's hard to navigate with a really far away, squinty profile picture? First impressions are a big deal, both in real life and online. Blogs and websites for small businesses, churches, and really any professionals need to present well. I am such a believer in good portraits as a part of that. It's always amazing to me when people put so much effort into their business content and web design and then post a tired snapshot or nothing at all.

I have begun offering one person mini sessions as an opportunity to offer portraits  for just such things: business cards, blogs, websites, newsletters. Of course, if you are having a family session with me, you can always ask me to do a few headshots of you too!

My friend, Susanne, and and I met up the other day to take pictures for her newsletters that go out for her business as a Norwex consultant. Before she started with this company, we used to talk about our mutual love for order and clean (even with little kids' fingerprints and messes around). She became a consultant just a few months ago and these products are just selling themselves. I (who never host home parties) had a home party and laughed at how all the women gasped at how she could clean butter off a window with just a cloth and water. Really, they are awesome products and it makes me feel so good knowing that there are no harsh chemicals involved. Here is her website, https://susanneklovdahl.norwex.biz/, if you'd like to take a peek. I have to say that Susanne as a consultant is so warm and friendly and knowledgeable, but absolutely does not pressure anyone into purchases. I was also surprised at how many discounts and gifts I got for hosting the party. I could truly be a commercial for Norwex :) !

I was so happy to take some professional images of Susanne for her to choose from. (A mini session includes 10 images on disk). It also was her littlest girl's birthday this week so we took some three year old pictures of her. Following are a few of my favorites of Malia and then of Susanne, with a few of them together.

IMG 8854 copywater

IMG 8938 copy edited-1


IMG 8950 copy edited-1


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IMG 8857 copyw


IMG 8877 copy edited-1


IMG 8884 copy edited-1

IMG 8893 cop1 edited-1


IMG 8907 copy edited-1

At the end of our session we popped the kids in our vans and headed off for donuts. Too bad we didn't have our handy dandy Norwex cloths to clean up the chocolate, blueberry, sprinkle covered kids at the end! We had some sticky donut munchers.

Much success in your business, my friend!!