I pulled the minivan up to our house at 10:30 last night. We are home, gloriously happy with some funky tan lines and really fun memories from our vacation to Pt. Roberts for the last week and a half. While we were gone, an amazing team from NW Solid Rock Construction was redoing our whole kitchen top to bottom. I hauled in my sleepy and crusty kids last night to find the owner (and our wonderful friend), Eric, and his wife and Ben (who came home a day earlier) with a bottle of wine and chocolate in our new kitchen...which took my breath away. Oh, I am so happy. It's SO me (and Ben, of course! :) )and I am beyond pleased with how it has turned out. We are still awaiting a back ordered cabinet and I have to decide on some knobs and pick up new barstools but when it is all done, I will blog the before and after pictures. Happy bliss.

What isn't quite as blissful is this:

IMG 0944

Our living  room is  FILLED with dishes and kitchen mishmash, which I really didn't factor in to my return very well. This is just about one third of the mess I need to clean up. Ben says that he may just post this picture as evidence that I am really a terrible housekeeper and have just pretended to like things in order :) .

I have this to clean up, things to buy for the kitchen, bills to pay, laundry to do, groceries to buy, pictures from four sessions to edit, and I need to get ready for some of our most wonderful friends to come next week. I made not the best timing decision and scheduled my varicose vein surgery today (good-bye pregnancy gift!). So here I sit, with my leg up, and to be honest, I don't feel the least bit stressed (which is rather miraculous). I am feeling pretty thankful and happy. It'll all get done.

I couldn't put myself to bed last night until after two in my excitement about the kitchen....and because I had over 2000 pictures uploading and wanted to take a peek. Here are just a couple goodies of our time, plenty more to come :) .

Photo by Kaia.  Thanks, sweet girl!

IMG 2740 copy


IMG 2073 copy


IMG 9775 copy


IMG 1850 copy

Lots of posts to come in the next few days.