I remember on Mother's Day just over two years ago, Selima commented on Facebook that her husband, Tom, had given her a loving card wishing her a happy Mother's Day as he knew that she would be a great mom one day. It was with great joy that I and many others were cheering and so happy to hear that they were adopting a precious boy less that a year later.

The delight that they've had in their beautiful son, Nathan, has been a wonderful thing to see via the world of Facebook. That little guy is so treasured and the answer to so many prayers. I was so pleased when they booked a session with me on our trip to California and even made a two hour drive in for it and to visit with friends in the area.

That Nathan is a big, brown eyed smiler and a monkey! He was a man on a mission: to run and play and roll around. There was not a lot of stopping so this was pretty much an action shoot.

IMG 4642 copy edited-1


That beaming face is pretty irresistible!

IMG 4651 cop1 edited-1


IMG 4640 cop1 edited-1


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He was all about running away and then running back to his mom and dad.

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I just love, love the next one. The crazy little boy energy. The love they have for each other.

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N is for Nathan.

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Busy boy through the bars.

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IMG 4959 copy edited-1

Then a few more with Daddy.

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IMG 4977 copy edited-1

Selima and Tom, thank you for spending this time with me and letting me have the blessing of photographing your beautiful family!