I met up with this delightful girl and her mom at the park where Brittany runs a lot of cross country. We wound our way through the trails and did a little climbing and while this cute athlete was taking it all in stride, I was doing plenty of huffing and puffing. It really was fun to spend time with the two of them and I was blessed by Brittany's sweet spirit. Seniors are the best....especially ones like this girl!

This was what I got when I asked her to look at me without smiling....she just couldn't do it! Love it!

IMG 1892 copy

She has the biggest, shiny eyes...just beautiful!

IMG 1881 copy

Very willing to have a good time...she pulled such a FUN face as she took a flying leap! Brittany, you are awesome!

IMG 1869 copy

This was on a slide at the playground. The sky got darker and darker as we were walking around so we had to find some open light.

IMG 1918 copy

I love how lush this park is....lots of green and old growth.

IMG 1980 copy

Sitting in the open window of a neat, old cabin that we found.

IMG 1966 copy

IMG 1911 copy

Those eyes.

IMG 1985 copy

Brittany, have a WONDERFUL year at school and I am sure after the workout we had tonight, you will be in perfect shape to do great on Saturday's run!

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