My sister, the shopper, scored big-time with this hat for her styling baby girl. Everywhere she goes, people smile and comment on her hat. Quinn grins back and has begun singing to whoever pays her the lion's share of attention. Seriously one cute baby niece!

It incredibly is time for Quinny's six month portraits and she was a champ. We did these in a hotel room with the window light behind my head and lovely white sheets reflecting the light on her sweet, yummy, edible face.

IMG 6502 copy edited-1


IMG 6486 copy edited-1


IMG 6471 copy edited-1

My sister is just wild about her, so fun to see.

IMG 6516 copy edited-1

And Quinn knows that she is the dollbaby of the family.

IMG 6510 copy edited-1

Not only is she cute, but she is very even keel. These next photos were taken in -20 degrees C and she didn't even complain. She looked a little shell shocked but I think that's more due to six hours without a nap.

IMG 6555 copy edited-1


IMG 6548 copy edited-1

The apple of her daddy's eye without a doubt...and she has his eyes...and face...all the way.

IMG 6565 copy edited-1