This family is dear to my heart. They are the kind of friends that we can sit down and talk with easily while our girls craft furiously and boys play hard together. A few weeks after I had the baby, Susanne, who cooks like every German woman is known to, brought a gorgeous meal over for our family. We ate together and I know I downed WAY more than my fair share of spaetzle but I was absolutely powerless to resist. Seeing them this last Saturday made me want to get together again as I could hardly pry myself away from chatting with Susanne at the end. I know I've been raving a lot about the kids on mini session day...but I need to do it again. Kiana and Carl and Malia were just wonderful, happy to be running around the park for pictures, especially when they were promised some playground time at the end.

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Just look at little Malia's expression. What a dollbaby! There is nothing like the love of the mom. Equally, there is just nothing like the love of a daddy.

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Kiana is such a girly and crafty and motherly over the little kids around her. I just love how her grown up teeth are all at different stages of coming in. Pretty girl.

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Carl who is funny and smart and a mover and shaker.

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Malia at two is a real personality and quite comfortable in her role as the littlest person in the family. Giggle.

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Mom laughs over the crazy faces everyone comes up with. Malia plugs her nose.

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It is always a blessing to be with friends who are life giving to the people around them. Susanne always has something good and appreciative to say about her husband. Always.

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The girls. The boys.

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I'm thinking I might be getting hungry for spaetzle...and conversation again...a good coffee would do too....especially if we could find a little German chocolate :) . Thanks for a fun morning!

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