I remember standing with Amanda' misty-eyed mom after her wedding to Kyle a few years ago. She was so very happy that her daughter was marrying a man that was so big hearted and that fit her so well. In their marriage, I have always seen them truly honor each other and handle the other with grace and respect. That is impressive and a real example to me.

I am sure that many of you have seen the movie "Julie and Julia" about the life of Julia Child. Particularly moving was a scene where she toasts her husband, Paul, whom she adores and says that he is the butter to her bread.

That is the way that Kyle and Amanda fit together, like bread and butter, and now.....they are adding in a little "honey". His name is Caleb and he will be arriving this December.

Sign from her sister as a house warming gift....perfect little prop.

IMG 7935 copywat1

They will be just amazing parents. By the way, Anne, all those maternity tops you got Amanda were so cute...SOOOO nice to have moms who take you clothes shopping even when you are a grown up!

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Only with a close friend would I attempt this one....Amanda leaning back in the door frame with me breathing down her neck as we shot straight down...and I LOVE it. Her perspective and certainly her message to her little son.

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Off to Dash Point Beach...this was under the little bridge there.

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They always are easy to be around.

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Such a pretty mommy...

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Welcome, Caleb. We know your name is already written on your parents' hearts and there are a lot of us who can't wait to hug and squeeze you too!

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