Most of the moms whose families I photograph do the contact with me about when and where we'll do the session. They are almost always the ones who plan the clothes and have a general feel in mind for what they want. They are also the ones who get a wee bit nervous about how the kids will do, especially mothers with two-year-olds and with a bunch of boys. Hello! I have walked in those shoes. I've had lots of two-year-olds and yes, I have lots of boys :) . Wild as it can get, we always play around and get some good ones in the midst of the family craziness. After all, who ever heard of a group of brothers sitting primly on a bench with their hands folded in their laps? Not me...

Not their mother either...

Bunny ears...they've been around since the Mayflower.

IMG 9068 copy edited-1

Ronalee came armed with promises of lego, dinner out, and gummy fish bribes.

IMG 9240 copy

We definitely did a mix of types of shots and groupings, keeping in mind that the fun and quirkiness of the boys at this age is well worth being documented too.

This is my new thing I am trying to start things off with a little fun....a sibling held sideways. Good thing Ethan was there to hold up his brother's very smart head.

IMG 8883 copy edited-1

I love it when husbands know exactly what to say to get their wives to laugh instantly.

IMG 8898 copy edited-1

IMG 8901 copyw

IMG 8909 copy edited-1

IMG 8911 copy edited-1

IMG 8920 copy edited-1

IMG 8928 copy edited-1

Then I took each of the boys for a few shots individually.

Ethan volunteered to go first.

IMG 8944 cop edited-1

IMG 8954 copy edited-1

Love Romin's laugh.

IMG 8983 copy edited-1

IMG 8994 copy edited-1

Alek. He's a pro.

IMG 9008 copy edited-1

IMG 9013 copy edited-1

IMG 9028 copy edited-1

IMG 9058 copyw

Oh, Ethan, you didn't earn any gummy fish for this goofy face.

IMG 9042 copy edited-1

Alek makes himself quite at home.

IMG 9063 copyw

IMG 9065 cop edited-1

IMG 9071 copyw

Ronalee's FB status last night:

What is up with Jeff and DQ lately, about 30 min ago - he says to the boys, DQ closes in 15 min, don't even grab shoes - lets go! The all came back with blizzards and handed me one.

There's nothing like a super dad like that and these boys are crazy about him.

IMG 9088 copy edited-1

We all know who's boss now that he's in junior high.

IMG 9096 copy edited-1

IMG 9098 copy edited-1

IMG 9116 copyw

IMG 9106 copy edited-1

IMG 9152 copyw

IMG 9167 copy edited-1

IMG 9211 copyw

IMG 9230 copyw

You are an awesome family. It's an effort to get everyone together for pictures and it took a few gummy fish to get the job done, but it is so worth the effort. Thanks for a great afternoon!

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