Last year when I posted images of my boys in their bath, Lauri wrote in the comments: These photos just filled me up with so much joy! My heart just oozes for my little boy… these make me want to go wake him and squeeze him. I laughed when I read it, because I knew it was true. She's that kind of mom. I photographed Lauri and Dennie and their little Ethan HERE and HERE. They are so delighted with their little guy and each other and so I was very much looking forward to our session together.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Dennie and Lauri as we walked around Des Moines Marina, chasing after Ethan. I am pretty sure I have never done a session with a two-year-old where the mom hasn't confessed being a bit nervous about how he or she would do....and they always do great so long as we keep them playing and moving. I have never met a two-year-old who longs to pose for the camera, and frankly, I'd much rather catch them in action. What a tender heart this little boy has!

IMG 4443 copy

I like to play this little "high five" game where I get kids to run over and then run back to their parents. What a happy grin!

IMG 4480 copy

I couldn't believe how much Ethan had grown, being a two-year-old now and I was pleased to see he still had the same blue eyes like when he was a baby. I like how the pier looks like it is going on forever behind him too.

IMG 4488 copy

IMG 4536 copy

Ethan got a smoochie sandwich and then he blew me some kisses too.

IMG 4646 copy

IMG 4653 copy

Mama love.

IMG 4668 copy edited-1

Eskimo kisses on the right.

IMG 4686 copy edited-1

IMG 4729 copy edited-1

IMG 4789 copy

IMG 4820 copy

He was having a grand time throwing down all the special rocks and shells he was given.

IMG 4824 copy

IMG 4843 copy edited-1

IMG 4919 copy


IMG 5059 copy

IMG 5002 copy

IMG 4982 copywat


IMG 4951 copy

Lauri and Dennie, it was such a pleasure to be with your beautiful family! Can't wait to see you again.

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