Ben tells me that when he was in junior high, he had a friend who worked with him to build explosives, plasma fields, lasers, and things that burn in the basement just for fun. That sounds so boy, doesn't it? I certainly wasn't trying to blow things up at that age, or any age for that matter. Now I have a house full of boys and a little girl who loves science and making things work and I figured on Father's Day it might be fun to play around at the park with some rockets and blaster thingies that they have received for birthday presents.I was right. There was wild yelling, stomping, and Theo insisting, "My NURN! (My TURN!)" ever single time. My dad was there, laughing, and loving every minute while my mum sat and watched from a park bench.






I could see Ben's pulse racing with excitement as he got the rocket set up. That puppy went 200 feet in the air...three times over. The smoke and speed were pretty impressive.







I am glad that Ben is their dad. It is a team effort raising these kids and he offers things as a father that I don't as their mom. He is terribly fun and adventurous and encourages them all to try new things and to be confident that they can figure things out. There is also this very soft side to him too, where he is so affectionate and loving to the kids and they just rub around like little puppies on him. He explains things to them in a way that doesn't just address their behavior but speaks to the things in their hearts that need to be seen. I think one of the best things he does is love me so well and they adore seeing him care for me. They shriek, "Get her! Pick mom up!" when I am batting him away when he wants to kiss me when I'm in the middle of putting breakfast together. But really, I love that they are seeing what a good husband and father looks like. Mostly, I am thankful that he truly has a heart that loves God and reflects that in the way that he lives his life. He's teaching them to trust the One who loves us all. He is a super dad, in every way, and we all love him.


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