I really don't want to be a gushy sort who raves about every person and family that comes in front of my camera....but I find myself raving pretty frequently. I truly have fun, in love, and amazing people that I get to work with. For a while I kept wondering, when is the shoe going to drop? When will "the other people" come...the super posey ones...the ones who are glowering at each other and have no visible connection whatsoever...the ones with whom I can't relate. I'm starting to realize "the other people" are going somewhere else, and I get the clients that have a feel for my work...and are ready to engage with me. I love that!

I knew I'd like Sarah by the tone of her emails. She was excited to have the last mini session slot to celebrate her family and I was so pleased to meet them. The obvious love that they have for each other is clear. Sarah and Brett were so friendly and easygoing. Little Elijah actually GRINNED at me whenever I swung a camera in his direction and Annabelle was a lovely little personality...and I adore kids with personality. I told Annabelle that my sister's favorite doll when she was little was an Annabelle but she was the first real Annabelle that I had ever met :).

IMG 4324 copyw

IMG 4340 copy

Kiss that baby brother!

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IMG 4367 copy edited-1

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Sarah had two requests and as a mom, I can totally understand her wanting these things captured on film.

#1 Elijah's chubby legs!

IMG 4424 copy edited-1

#2 Annabelle's pretty eyelashes. (I just love how sweet and little she looks here.)

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IMG 4559 copy edited-1


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Sarah, thanks for being so patient for your peek. I hope these photos will be a good reminder to you of this special time in your family.