So Seattle weather has gone from walk-in-your-bare-feet-in-the-grass to put-on-a-big-sweater-and-think-about-cooking-a-turkey all in one day. Whew. Much as I enjoy the fall, this has been a bit of an abrupt change.

I have been nesting and cleaning the past couple days, which has included working on editing and trimming down some of my picture files. I have noticed that there are lots of family pictures which I haven't blogged as I have been busy with client sessions this summer.

So here are a few of the pictures I took during our week that we went up to Vancouver in July. The kids and I took a jaunt up by ourselves, since Ben was recovering from some eye surgery issues and could use a little quiet. Although with us gone one day, he was already lamenting that the house was tooquiet.

I got to sleep in, eat my mum's great cooking, visit extended family, have a gab night with some old friends from elementary school. We went to the beach, to the park, to the wading pool, and to the Holland store where we bought liverwurst that I and the kids wolfed down. Isn't that funny? They were asking to be done with their pizza so they could have more liverwurst. Yep, those are some Dutch genes.

This was at the petting zoo at Queen's Park. I have lots of happy childhood memories of this park as my aunt and uncle live just half a block away. The rose gardens, the playing fields where our school had field day, a fantastic playground where there used to be a zip line where we got the wind knocked out of us, and great trees. My kids were so tickled with the animals, many of which were hiding in the roped off "no touch" area. The bunnies held much appeal.

IMG 7665 copy edited-1

I promise, this kid's laugh sounds like it looks. How I LOVE to hear him laugh.

IMG 7675 copy edited-1

Playground time. Oh yeah.

IMG 7730 copy edited-1

Having fun with Uncle Gerrit who jumped on the rides with the boys.

IMG 7735 copy edited-1

Low budget fun. Running through the sprinkler with Opa. The boys also turned the hose on him a time or two.

IMG 8168 copy edited-1

IMG 8146 copy edited-1

Uncle Dick and Auntie Mau, basically family, who have known me since I was two, have lived next to my parents for all these years. My kids invite themselves over all the time when we are there, and Auntie Mau and Uncle Dick roll out the red carpet, candy and toys. On this afternoon they took Ruby to some festival at the park.

IMG 7656 copy

A post nap snack with Oma on the couch, watching pbs kids. Love that relationship more than I can describe. This past trip, I was cutting my dad's hair with him sitting on the edge of the bathtub. Tymen ran in every minute or two, kissed Opa on his back several times, yelled "I la (love) YOU, Opa!!" and then ran out.

Jasper and Oma eating blueberries.

IMG 8583 copy edited-1

IMG 8587 copy edited-1

And a few of my sister and Quinn (almost two months). For someone who always liked kids, but definitely was not a baby grabber, she sure is smitten with her baby girl.

And Quinny knows it.

IMG 7786 copy edited-1

IMG 7807 copy edited-1

Last one from this trip.

How I LOVE this picture. I LOVE family. I LOVE that each one is cherished. It is one thing to be loved completely by your parents, which Kelly and I always, always felt. However, it is enough to make our cups run over to see them loving our kids the way that they do.

IMG 7749 copy edited-1

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