It is stunning how seven little pounds can change everything.

I was so happy to meet Bill and Lola a few weeks ago when I did their maternity session. Part of the fun of maternity sessions for me is getting caught up in the excitement of looking forward to that precious gift that is coming soon. And then in the few weeks between that and the phone call that the little person has arrived, I get to pray for those families.

Bill and Lola were so love...getting ready for their son. And then when I arrived yesterday and saw their little peanut, it was such a blessing to see how overwhelmingly in love they are with their boy. Oh, how I love families.

IMG 5895 copywat

We had so much fun playing around with their sweet natured little fellow, even though we were all pretty warm. With newborn sessions, I have parents crank up the heat so that the little babies won't get chilly and grumpy when we strip them down to see all those lovely little baby wrinkles and parts. Here Elijah broke in my new little "pod" that I recently purchased. I love how little newborns have these little stretches and faces that they pull when they are tiny.

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He is such a yummy, precious boy. How cozy he looks....

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Bill's family had this beautiful bassinet that has seen many babies and even a few generations. I love family heirlooms. Also, this is the blanket that Lola's grandmother knit for her precious great grandson.

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That wrinkly little foot was waving all around as he got comfy in his bed.

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Part of the reason why we want to get newborns in the first few weeks is that they will still fold themselves up and cross their legs and give that cuddly look like they are in the womb. I think it was about this time when I was shooting and Bill and Lola were standing behind me, beaming. Lola said to Bill, "Can you believe that we made him?" What an incredible miracle it is to be entrusted with children. They truly are a gift.

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We used this elephant for a shot too. A fun thing to do with newborns is to photograph them with objects that really show just how tiny they are when they start out...

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I don't know that there is much more beautiful than a new mom adoring her baby.

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It took all of us, sweating a little in the heat, to get this sweet boy in his sling. I think I need to figure out how to simplify the process but I love what we got....the concentration on his brow, the hands by his face, the newborn wrinkles that will disappear in a few weeks when he pudges up.

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Bill and Lola, what a blessing it was to photograph your little pumpkin. It is so obvious to me how you cherish your son. (Note the daddy, mommy and baby pumpkins).

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