My cousin, Tymen, is the only other Tymen that we know, besides our grandfather, after which both my cousin and our son was named. Used to being the only Tymen in town, it took my cousin aback  at a recent family gathering to hear in forbidding tones, "TYMEN!! Tymen, don't hit that! TYMEN, get that out of your mouth! Yucky! Bah!" Tymen, his wife, Tasha, and their beautiful three kids are some of my favorite people, ones we wish we could get to see more often. They both have a wicked sense of humor, dearly love family, and share a lot of the same values that we have with our little family. At family get togethers, I love to pull up a chair with Tasha and catch up. She has given me some pearls of advice along the way about parenting, and probably hasn't even realized that she's done it.  However, she is also one who is quick to laugh at the quirks of her family and kids too.

She takes beautiful pictures of her own kids and besides my mother, she is the only one that I will send a huge whack of email photo attachments to and vice versa. We love catching up on the kids that way. However, she also needs to get in some of these family photos too.

On this day, we had a bit of a challenge as the girls had been at bike camp for hours and were pretty tired, and little Kieran had taken a micro nap. Tymen and Tasha were so upbeat, though, and helped me work hard to get some brilliant expressions out of their kids.

We started at their house which was a stunning backyard, full of fun for the kids: tents, swing set, and an incredible playhouse that they designed and built, complete with a trapdoor and tube slide.

IMG 8209 copywat

IMG 8212 copy edited-1

IMG 8220 copy

IMG 8242 copy edited-1

Here are their kids:

Danica (full of ideas and has a bigger vocabulary than I do, I'm sure).

IMG 8278 copy edited-1

Lydia (not quite sure how much corn on the cob she is managing this summer :) but she sure has a cute smile).

IMG 8288 copy edited-1

Kieran (holding his own with these big sisters of his, though I have seen photos of him dressed up by the girls in quite the costumes).

IMG 8292 copy edited-1

Love the summertime feet.

IMG 8326 copy edited-1

IMG 8342 copy edited-1

Then off to a local park where we dodged the geese offerings and found some brilliantly green areas.

IMG 8373 copy edited-1

IMG 8383 copy edited-1

IMG 8384 copy edited-2

Love the two-year-old tongue.

IMG 8404 copy edited-1

IMG 8411 copy edited-1

Then we had to get hopping over to my aunt's house for a birthday party, where my kids got to meet up with the cousins and ran around like a happy pack all evening.

IMG 8497 copy edited-1

Thanks for the great night, Tymen and Tasha. Can't wait to hang out and play some more.