A long time ago, I had a little lump of a baby named Jasper in the church nursery. When all the other kids his age were rolling, he way laying. When the others were crawling, he was sitting (with help) watching them. When they were walking, he was looking completely uninterested in getting mobile. I was a bit worried. A sweet, sweet girl named Rachel worked in the nursery. She was so loving and encouraging and when I told her I was concerned that he was a slug, she smiled and said, "He's just fine. He'll get there soon enough." Then she'd always tell me about the clever things he did when I went to pick him up just to make me feel better:) . He did eventually get moving and now is completely normal. She was right and I will always remember her encouragement.

She's a mommy now to beautiful Rylan and the generous love and affection she has for her daughter is wonderful to see. She adores that baby girl. Rylan knows it. She is a honey, so bright eyed and smiley. She has such a lovely personality and was beaming in the love of her little family.

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Adam sure loves his girls, and it was fun to see little Rylan often looking around for him.


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Hello, Big Brown Eyed Girl! Those yummy curls on top of her head beg to be played with too :) .

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Six months old and beautiful, sweet and wonderful. Thank you for having me photograph Rylan.