I feel like I do a fair bit of contributing to my children entering the world. Sure, Ben is a participant :) but I am the one who gets nausea, heartburn, stretch marks, contractions, fatigue, not to mention labor, blah, blah....

However, it never ceases to amaze me how very much our kids look like him. Maybe they have my earlobes and the shape of my fingers but 95% is their dad. I stripped down my baby boy the other day to get some photos of his chub (Ruby has nicknamed him Chubster). I lured Ben into some of the pictures (which he is always a great sport about) and was struck again at how...these are definitely Ben's babies.

IMG 8976 copy edited-1

IMG 8962 copy copy

Maybe it's the chubby part he gets from me :). How I am relishing those soft rolls and dimples and squishy parts (on him, not on me).

Side profile.

IMG 8956 copy edited-1

IMG 8937 copy edited-1

IMG 8951 copy edited-1

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IMG 8922 copywat

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