I had a pretty good feeling that he’d be a great dad because he was such a great husband. Now, ten years into parenting together, I am more than grateful for the father that he is to our kids. There’s something so great about doing this together.  From catching our eyes over the funny stuff that happens multiple times a day to being able to talk about the kids and their hearts and bounce around ideas and thoughts….I am glad I’m in this with him.  He is fun and plays hard with the kids, always willing to lay aside what’s on his plate to focus on what is important to them.  He listens and cares for their ideas and concerns.  He teaches them to work hard and be strong and independent.  He laughs like crazy with them and then always breathes a sigh of relief and smiles at me when it settles down at bedtime.  He shares his faith and covers them with grace when they have a hard time.  He’s the solid one and so many times just does what needs to be done without saying a word.

I think one of the best things he does as a dad is that he loves me so well. The kids love it when he kisses me and beg him, “PICK MOM UP!!!”  He does and laughs and I protest that I’m too heavy and he laughs some more and kisses me.  His commitment to me is a big sense of security for them.

Father’s Day was yucky weather this year so we popped out after church the week after for a few pictures of him with each of the crazies.  Here are a few favorites.