Three years ago when I frames THESE PICTURES I was so amazed at how old my sweet five year old looked! Now I look at them and can't believe she was just so little.

IMG 0029 copy

It was high time for an update so I transferred pictures out today from her EIGHT YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY PHOTOS.

IMG 0040 copy


IMG 0046 copy

I love this girl. I'm glad I get her home for the summer to bake and craft and read and head out to the beach. We're going to swim, do a few road trips, collect crabs and starfish and make s'mores. I want to cuddle with her and talk and I even may break down and let her dig freely through the recycle bin to make crafts out of all the riffraff she finds.

She is a gift to us. I am grateful for photography which gives me a fresh look at my beautiful kids and reminds me to be thankful for these precious days.

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