Last Saturday night was a little scary. In the middle of the night I was having contractions coming fast and furious. Ben was away for a men's retreat with guys from church and my mum was here to help me with the kids. I woke my mum up and told her we needed to head into the hospital. She carried kids in p.j.'s down to the van. They were not alarmed in the least and were actually thrilled to be headed out for "a sleepover". We dropped them at some wonderful friends who hugged them and herded them into their house.

At the hospital, they were both getting me ready for possible labor and delivery and also administered an extended release version of the medication that had really worked for me with both of my pregnancies with the boys. At 33 weeks, 3 days we certainly wanted more time to grow the baby.

And the contractions slowed down. I laid in the hospital bed with the monitors strapped to me and listened to our little fellow's heartbeat chugging along. However, it took me a long while to come down from the scary adrenaline rush.

A few hours later, Ben arrived after being tracked down at the men's retreat and driven home by a great friend. We sent my mum back to the house to crash and then Ben and I slept for a few hours.

They kept me at the hospital for the next 40 hours or so to monitor me on the medication and also to administer the steroid that helps the baby's lungs develop more quickly, should he come early. I was so very grateful that everything had slowed down and my body seemed to be settling out. One of the doctors wanted to keep me at the hospital for the next couple of weeks- ACK! I pleaded my case with my sweet nurse, who I think put in a word with another doc that released me. Yay.

So I have spent the last several days at home. My sister was here for the first three days: taking her nephews to the park, throwing in loads of laundry, making me smoothies and sitting on my bed with my niece, Quinny, to keep my company. Ben has kept a very close eye on me that I don't get up and start puttering around. But honestly, as much as I love to have everything tidy and in order, there is not one thing I can pick up or do that would make it worth kicking up contractions again and having this baby earlier than necessary.

I also have been so happily overwhelmed with all the help we have received and what is lined up for the next few weeks. We have lovely friends ringing our doorbell every night with amazing meals in their hands. We have friends who are picking up Ruby from school at times and running her to lessons. We have others who are taking the boys for mornings so Ben can get work done at home. We have a wonderful girl at church who volunteered to play with the kids today so they are getting worn out at the park while Ben runs errands. And even friends are coming tomorrow night so that Ben can get out of the house and have a little break for a couple hours. I love being a part of community and have really seen this week how incredible it is when all the love is poured out on us. It is humbling and makes me want to pay attention and be a blessing to others who have a need whenever I am able.

Here are some photos of the other day when Kelly was here.

How could I be bored when I have my sweet niece to talk with? I could kiss this girl all day long..especially now that she is sucking her thumb!

IMG 4356 copy

Kelly brings the boys in for a visit. I am SOOOOO thankful to be home with my family rather than wait alone in the hospital.

IMG 4372 copy

The boys found the whoopee cushion in my camera bag and had a wonderful time. The laughs that came out of them felt like good medicine indeed!

IMG 4382 copywat

IMG 4432 copy

I actually was on complete bed rest with Jasper for this amount of time, and though the thought of three weeks was mind numbing at first, I just had to take it a day at a time. Lots of reading, internet on the laptop, and browsing around doing some online shopping. Instead of chafing at this time, I am really thankful that this baby is staying put.

Except for the preterm contractions, I am healthy in every other way, so I am still hoping to make it to 37 weeks so I can have the baby at home with my midwives. If something happens before 37 weeks, I know I will get great care at the hospital.

So thank you for the support, emails, phone calls, visits, and prayers. We really do feel the covering of the Lord over this baby and our family. We will keep you updated and be assured that I will be shouting it from the rooftops when our son arrives!!