Jessa and Kaia are the sisters that came along on our trip to the cottage on the beach for a week to help with the kids. Help they did, with feeding, baths, cuddles, stories and sandcastle building. They were absolutely heaven sent. We were paying them for a few hours a day but they went beyond that to include Ruby on their free time for walks to the beach, to get Theo up from naps and walk him around while I was busy, and to love up Jasper and Tymen until they were little puppy dogs following them around.

As a thank you gift, I asked them if I could do a photo session with them one evening. We had such a ball, going around to our favorite spots, talking and laughing.

These young ladies are without a doubt, stunningly beautiful. They have hearts that are so loving, so full of life and it lights up their outward beauty. As I was editing these, I paused several times to just look at the richness of their honest faces and I am thankful for the gift of documenting them here, now.

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Girls, I so enjoyed watching your relationship and how as sisters, you really are the best of friends. Sitting down and chatting with you at night, hearing your thoughts and ideas, laughing about funny stories was a highlight of the trip for me. You are both absolute gifts. Thank you for coming with us.