I have always, always wanted to be a mom. From the time I was little, I was mothering (bossing) my sister and little kids around me and I loved it. But somehow I always had this dark little fear in the back of my brain that maybe I wouldn't be able to have chldren.

I remember just a few months after we were married, being at a bluegrass festival on Mother's Day weekend with Ben and my in-laws and on that Sunday morning, some kind older gentlemen were handing out roses to the moms. I tried to hand mine back, protesting that I wasn't a mom. He returned it, smiled, and looked me straight in the eye and said, "You will be." It didn't mean anything to him, I am sure, but it went straight to my heart.

And here I am, eight years later, with my nest filled with three wonders and one more on the way. I am incredibly grateful and so filled with love for them. Despite the crazy and hairy days (and there truthfully are a great many of those), I love them desperately and completely.

There are lots of women in my life that are all in different stages of mothering. There are ones who are in the trenches with me, trading advice and support through potty training, dance classes and getting stains out of little boys' clothes. There are the moms who have children that are grown that have such great perspective and advice. The other day on Facebook, my sweet sister-in-law was posting about sick kids and being forced indoors with the weather, and a wise aunt left a kind reminder that sometimes "the days are long but remember that the years are short". I have women who have mothered me, nurturing and mentoring my heart through hard seasons. I have a friend who just announced that after 10 years of earnest waiting, they are expecting their first child. I have a friend who only got to mother her sweet son for a few short weeks. One who just found out that the precious girls they have been fostering have now been permanently placed in their family. There are others for whom being a mom is such a tender and raw dream yet.

I am incredibly thankful for the community of mothers that God has surrounded me with, that encourage my heart to value what I do.

Mothering is a fascinating subject for me, especially in photography. That relationship is unlike any other and I love to explore it whenever I have the opportunity.

So here is a sampling of some of the beautiful mom love that I have seen this past year.

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I am realizing, as I go along, that so much of the good in me as I mother, comes from the nurturing that I had from my own. I am grateful for a strong example. I need my mum, as much now as I ever did.

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Happy Mother's Day weekend! May you be satisfied with your heart's desires.