This is the third year that we've had the opportunity to stay at this cottage in Point Roberts. It's pretty much an ideal vacation for a family with small children. We packed the van with clothes, bikes, beach mishmash, Trader Joe's food, and tossed the boys in. Ruby opted to ride in the car with Daddy where she could ride and read in peace. The Muppet soundtrack was my big surprise for the trip and it was a hit! It was on repeat and Tymen and I crooned out Are you a mannnnnn...or are you a muppet? many, many times.


We arrived a few hours later and had a fun dinner with Kelly and Dano after taking some maternity pictures of my sister.

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A little Eskimo kissing at the table.

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The mornings are lovely. Ruby took to feeding the boys toast and Theo was down on the Speculoos Cookie Butter, a lovely reminder of the Dutch cookies that we grew up on.

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We'd put on the coffee, read a few books. (Daddy looks very awake here!)

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Then we'd get dressed and go outside. Our days we spend mucking around at the beaches, letting the kids dig, create forts, splash around, bury each other.

IMG 7657 copy copy

Making "Beach Soup". Theo was in there like a dirty shirt this happy to splash and throw and collect and dig.

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We didn't build this awesome fort, but we sure did enjoy it. This was Jasper's only time on the roof as we quickly realized we better require feet on the ground.


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The belly! The chubby rolls!

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Poor Tymie got stung by a nasty wasp. We cuddled for a long time, he looked sad for another five minutes and then he was off and running.

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This is going up BIG on a wall somewhere.

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Each day after a late lunch it was quiet time. Ruby was digging into some of my favorite books that I found from when I was teaching. Ben would putter on his laptop and the three of us would pass around some treats.

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The boys would crash hard.

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I love how Tymie pulls his blanket over his head and pokes those little legs out.

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We brought along some activities like art sets, painting and they would also bike in the afternoons.

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At night Grandee (who's my brother-in-law's mum) and Grandad kindly invited us down to their firepit right on the water for s'mores.

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They are so kind to all of us and we love them.

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Grandee has had a lot of mileage out of Mr. M & M and lets the kids pull down his arm for some treats. When Theo realized what was going on he stamped his feet, laughed and pumped that arm enthusiastically.

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It is so satisfying to have time like this to see the kids imagine and play until they are so exhausted and their swimsuits are full of sand (those boys had some literal beach bums)!

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