We smiled and made small talk at church when we dropped our boys off in the preschool area for class. I always felt like we could keep on visiting while the kids ran circles around us, until finally this year we said, "Maybe we should go out for coffee." You know how there are some people that you talk with for the first time and you are racking your mind for topics to keep the conversation going? Well, this was not one of those kinds of visits. It was a kick-off-your-shoes-and-tuck-yourself-in-your-Starbucks-chair-and-get-kicked-out-by-the-smiling-employees-who-want-to-get-home-at-closing kind of chat. Tori is an amazing person. She is honest and insightful. She is kind and generous. She is genuine and fun. (She's probably blushing by now...but that's okay :) ) I love the way that she cares for people and how she is raising her son to be a strong little guy. I admire her.

I've been really, really looking forward to taking portraits of her and Cooper, of capturing their very special and close relationship. As I drove up to our meeting spot, I was bummed to see raindrops spattering my windshield when the day had dawned clear and sunny. She just laughed and said, "Let's go for it." I think the rain pretty much immediately stopped and the sun even came out.

We played hard to keep Cooper from being shy and he was just awesome. His engaging mom was pretty irresistible and my little puppets worked out too.

IMG 8068 copyw

I know, she is stunning, and truly as lovely to be with as she looks like.


IMG 8072 copy edited-1

Muscles and tattoos, baby. LOVE that she let him have a tat under his sleeve. She admits, this world of boys and cowboy boots and wielding sticks is a bit foreign but she's encouraging her boy to have some fun.

IMG 8078 copy edited-1

IMG 8093 copy edited-1

They have such a great time together!

IMG 8090 copy

IMG 8108 copy edited-1

What a sweet, sweet face.

IMG 8141 copy edited-1

IMG 8143 copy edited-1

His mommy asks if she can sit on his lap.

IMG 8147 copy edited-1

IMG 8160 copy edited-1

IMG 8168 copy edited-1

IMG 8190 copy edited-1

IMG 8187 copy edited-1

IMG 8194 copy edited-1

Off to the bridge.

IMG 8222 copy edited-1

IMG 8258 copy edited-1

Who's going to be thrown off the bridge, Cooper or Mommy?

IMG 8266 copy edited-1

Love....the look on his face...the way she's holding his hands.

IMG 8274 copyw

IMG 8287 copy edited-1

IMG 8297 copy edited-1

I think this is when his boot fell off and I wore it on my head like a hat.

IMG 8311 copy edited-1

Then we went off to a field of grass nearby that I had spotted for our final shots. I bribed Cooper with a giant lollipop. Tori laughed and said she longed for one during her childhood but her dentist father and hygienist mother wouldn't give in :) . I handed her the extra.

IMG 8318 copy edited-1

IMG 8342 copy edited-1

IMG 8370 copy edited-1

Cooper just curled himself up on his mom. Sweetness.

IMG 8407 copy edited-1

IMG 8408 copy edited-1

IMG 8416 copy edited-1

Out came the batman costume. Superheroes are powerful guys.

IMG 8431 copy edited-1

Sadly, sometimes they get attacked by thorns from sticker bushes and have to have a little more lollipop to feel better.

IMG 8435 copy edited-1

It does the trick and Batman is back to his strong, invincible self!

IMG 8441 copy edited-1

IMG 8063 copy edited-1

Tori says she reads my blog in the mornings with her coffee. I hope this blogpost makes you smile in your p.j.'s tomorrow. Hugs.