I think my kids grew while I was gone. When the old minivan pulled up at the airport last night, I pulled open the doors and smooched grinning faces and couldn't believe that they could actually grow in just four days. I think Ben might have aged five years, however. There is nothing like flying solo with the kids at this age to make us appreciate each other.

But I had a glorious weekend! I flew into San Jose and spent two days with my friend, Lenore, in Santa Cruz. We pretty much just talked and talked and talked. We went to the beach and took pictures and visited some of my favorite places to eat.

Then we cruised down to Fresno for a wedding of a dear friend. What a happy time that was!

More about all of this later. I just wanted to share just a couple of pictures before I hunker down and do some super editing of hundreds of goodies.

Here we are in Capitola. Many, many times I set the camera on timer and RAN to get in the shot.

IMG 8652 copywat

Mint Condition Cookies. Ah. Yes.

IMG 8689 copywat

My pal. I hauled her all over and took photos in lots of different lights.

IMG 8774 copywat

Then off to the wedding. What a glorious and fun day it was!! Ummm, is there any doubt that the bride and groom are happy? I don't think so.

IMG 8915 copywat

IMG 9638 copywat

I talked Margaret's beautiful kids into coming to a nearby barn with me to do some extra photos.

LOVE this one! The sisters. So, so pretty.

IMG 9211 copywat

IMG 9186 copywat

Okay, this was the very sneakiest of peeks as there are many, many more to follow. I had fun!

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