It was with the aid of much Mountain Dew for Ben and many cherries for me, that we had the energy to drive home from our California vacation yesterday. We drove through the night and found that it worked really well with the kids...who slept hard with little whiffling snores.

IMG 5369 copy

Here is Jasper having some morning munchies after waking. He was awake for an hour or so during the night and sang, "Twinkle, Twinkle" many, many, many times.

IMG 5371 copy

What a wonderful time we had, visiting many friends and much family during our week there. Here are a few (or more than a few) of my favorite images.

Walking at a lake with Nana who also brought along a loaf of bread to feed the ducks...though, Tymen fed himself as he felt he was more deserving than those noisy quackers.

IMG 4400 copy


Love this one of Nana hugging Jasper....she knows how to love up the little guys. He's crossing his ankles like always. I so enjoy watching grandparents with kids.

IMG 4432 copy

Ruby enjoying the guinea pigs at our friends' house. Their boys were so incredibly kind to my little kidlets.

IMG 4770 copy


Eating s'mores with Jason, Ashli and the boys.

IMG 4883 copy

IMG 4886 copy

Green is the "in" color for eyewear at the beach!

IMG 4990 copy

However, sometimes enough is enough with the eyewear and Mummy should just stop taking pictures instead of laughing.

IMG 5030 copy

I loved, loved watching my kids scream and laugh and beg for more of the water, until they were completely exhausted and their swimsuits all held a cup or so of sand.

IMG 5085 copyIMG 5044 copy

This was orange picking time with Papa. A great adventure.IMG 5136 copy

IMG 5151 copy

My precious girl.

IMG 5196 copy

Walking around Monterey with Papa. Tymen later on got so tired that he leaned over and fell asleep on his head.

IMG 5282 copy

Thanks to all of your who had us over, met us at a park or beach and made us feel so rich to be a part of your lives. And that includes you, Jason. Jason and Ashli were the generous friends who had us stay at their house and put us in their master suite, no less. Jason is one funny guy who has felt quite the liberty to pester me like the older brother I never had. All week long he made little digs and comments and told me to put it in my blog. But I can' space left. However, I will put this in my blog....this picture of Jason and Ashli's three boys. It is obvious that they are doing a whole lot right, and I hope that our kids will continue to grow and have the same solid hearts and personalities that these boys have.IMG 5331 copy

So good to get away and so good to be home again.

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