The only picture taken of the day I was born was a poloroid of my wild eyed and grinning dad holding me. The only one. What a different experience my beautiful niece has had. I think I took close to five hundred and am still sifting through them and editing. When my sister, Kelly, asked me to be there for their first child's birth and to photograph it, I was ecstatic. Concerned about arriving on time since we live about three hours apart, I was a wee bit relieved when a date was set for a c-section since her sweet girlie was breech.

I can't even begin to express what a privilege it was to be there for the whole course of the day and to share in this experience. I felt a rush of a huge range of emotions and just overwhelmingly felt blessed to be there. Such a gift.

I drove up to Vancouver and participated in the "Last Supper" with Kelly and Dano the night before. We talked and laughed and prepped a few things. That morning we arose at 5:00 and Kelly made me the best espresso I have had in a while..that's service. Then we realized we were going to run a bit tight on the drive to the hospital so we drove like the wind. They ran down the hall and....sat in the waiting room for at least a half hour. We were definitely the most excited group in the pre-op waiting room.

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Now, with a c-section it is this hospital's policy to only allow in one person with the mother to the OR. However, Dano came out and said that Kelly was working on getting permission to sneak me in. My sister is a doctor and knows some of the people at this hospital that she worked at a few years ago. She said to just act like it was going to work and she would ask the key players. I smiled and got scrubs, waited with Dano in the hallway, wondered if I might really be able to go in. Then her ROCKSTAR doctor popped out to tell me to walk in like a resident and gave me some photo-op tips. Yay!!!!

Here's our parents waiting outside when I ran by to tell them they were letting me in. Not much anticipation there, eh?

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So in we went and her doctor and his team were kind and confident and moving right along. I was so pleased to be there to capture all the moments so that Dano could concentrate on his beautiful wife and daughter coming.

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And then there she WAS!!!  Quinn, born at 8:34 A.M. I was so overwhelmed and crying and the doctor reminded me to take a picture of the clock. I was snapping away and telling Kelly how CUTE she was and how girly she looked.

IMG 4064 copy1 edited-1

She got checked out by the smiley pediatrician and handed over to her dad. Her dad who had tears welling up in his eyes.

IMG 4107 copy edited-1

Kelly touches her sweet baby. I LOVE the look on her face!!

IMG 4115 copy edited-1

I know she's been longing to kiss that baby girl for a while now.

IMG 4123 copy edited-1

Reaching out to Dano, both of them ecstatic.

IMG 4143 copy edited-1

Dano brings the baby over so Kelly can have a quick cuddle with Quinn.

IMG 4149 copy edited-1

IMG 4158 copy edited-1

Kelly's doctor working away while I snap pictures and Dano does a little video taping of Kelly and the baby.

IMG 4161 copy edited-1

We wave good-bye and head to the Maternity Centre where the nurses check over the baby. LOVED watching Dano with his girl. Kelly told me before we left the house that morning, that she knows that he will be a good dad, because he's such a good husband. That is the truth.

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Okay, so when the baby was born in the OR, I asked the pediatrician if she had a guess at weight. She said that she looked between six and seven to her. I told the team that my babies were all six pounds, eight big claim to fame. When they put my niece on the scale, I almost fell over when I saw this number!!!! The doctor came in later, pretty incredulous about it. What are the odds??? Now I feel and enormous responsibility to have another six and a half pounder myself :).

IMG 4230 copy edited-1

Weighed, measured, checked, vitamin K goop in her eyes and she was ready for a break.

IMG 4339 copy edited-1

Dano and I sat in their room with the little princess while we waited for the eager grandparents to rush down the hall. And they did. Everyone tried not to hog the baby who was passed around and around and proclaimed to be perfect and beautiful and wonderful and precious and.....

And then Kelly was brought to the room where we visited some more. Here are the last pictures of sweet Quinn that I will share in this post.

With her daddy.

IMG 4395 copy edited-1

With her mummy who kept saying, " I love her."

IMG 4425 copy edited-1

IMG 4427 copy edited-1

And one with me. I think Dano took this one. How I love this sweet dolly.

IMG 4346 copy edited-1

I think she really is perfect in every way. Perfect for our family where she is loved enormously already.

IMG 4390 copy edited-1

On my drive back to Seattle that evening I stopped and couple of times and upon being asked, "How are you?" I told them how great I was because I got a new niece that day! Can't wait to go back this weekend and introduce her to her cousins and uncle. We love you, Quinn!