It seemed like I was just at Cathie and Timon’s house, meeting brand new Mielle.  There is nothing like the change of a baby’s first year which is why it’s so very fun to document these stages.  This mid-year session was pushed out to seven months so we could get some pretty spring color and we were rewarded for our patience.  I always love visiting with Cathie and Timon who are so easygoing and engaging with their kids.  The pleasure they take in their family provides my favorite environment for portraits.  It makes me happy seeing babies and kids being loved by their families…the best props ever!  So while this was officially the mid year session in Mielle’s First Year Package, and she certainly was highlighted, there was lots and lots of interaction with all of them.

We ended up with a gorgeous day for portraits in the park with the cherry blossoms cheering us on.  Sweet Mielle was beaming anytime we looked at or talked to her.  What an absolute honey of a baby girl!  Teis was being a good sport, though he wasn’t feeling at the top of his game that morning.  Luckily his mum and dad know how to play along and cuddle with him and make things fun.  The best laughs I got from him were from pretending to freak out when he roared at me and balancing his ball on my head.

Can’t wait to see your family again when your treasure turn one….but I know you’re not in a hurry to rush by these days!

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