There are a range of styles out there when it comes to photographing newborns. There's the very posed studies of sleepy newborns in studios, the use of lots of interesting props, and more of a wholistic family approach. I just love newborns and photographing them is a convenient excuse for me to cuddle them. I come to our sessions focused on getting the types of shots that are my very favorites of when my kiddos were in their first days. Basically that breaks down to some nice close up of newborn bits and pieces: faces, swirls of hair, fingers, spindly curled up legs, tiny bellies, and of course, feet. I also like to get some great closeups with parents to show all the love that is saturating these new and wanted little ones. If we can do a few fun ideas or whimsical things that is fun too. Another thing that I love from when mine were little is some of the "real life" stuff: the feeding, then fussy faces, the cuddling on the couch with the burpcloth and cup of Starbucks within reach. The reality of newborns is that they have wrinkly, peeling skin, little fuzzies on their shoulders and arms and crossed eyes.   I like for newborns to look like newborns. Okay, enough talk about styles and a little more about the star of the show. Isaiah. Oh my, what a lovely little fellow! Here he was as a belly bump. I came for his newborn session when he was about four weeks old. He was working hard at the beginning learning how to eat like a champ and then I was gone for a bit. At four weeks he definitely was more alert, which made for some really fun shots of his sweet personality. His parents were really enjoying him and knowing all his little preferences and quirks, though he seemed to me like such a happy little fellow, especially when we blasted the heater and kept him a warm little lump.

One thing that made me laugh was how much he ADORED his binky and looked at me with furrowed brows when he sucked, as if daring me to take it away. I have seen some babies that loved their binkies, pacifiers, soothers, plugs...but this guy took the cake.

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One of our mutual friends, Ashley, is a creative crocheter and created this cookie monster hat and mittens to go with his Sesame Street themed room. Another friend of Bethany's created these wonderful letters. See the little cookie clutched up to his face?

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Ashley also made this fun turtle shell and hat. Eeek!

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Isaiah gets loved up by his beautiful mommy.

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Everyone is saying how much this little guy is a mini-Aaron. This dad loves his son.

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Then there's some more of everyday life with Baby.

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I loved their idea to incorporate some of Aaron's textbooks as he JUST finished with his studies. Looks like some hardcore reading to me.

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Good old Flower has been having a bit of a time adjusting and the looks on her face just make me laugh.

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He's a wonderful snuggle bug, and dearly loved by family and friends. Baby Isaiah, I was glad to hear you had a great long nap after I left....and I promise not to pull your pacifier out again :) .

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