Emmaline Joy. She's here and their home really is filled with joy. There's another little girl to love and cherish and there's lots of loving going on at their home. Just a few days days before she was born, I saw Kellie at the Christmas Eve service at our church and she was hanging in there, but was so done. Then there she was at church a week later with her wee baby, with all of us piranha moms circling around, admiring her girl. She's the kind of mama that doesn't miss a beat after birth and jumps right back into things. From what I heard, she had to be talked out of going out for lunch and shopping with her sisters the day after the baby was born.

This is Emmaline at five days old. She was snuggly and had the newborn curled up look. She was seven pounds when she was born which seemed whopping compared to her sister, Ariella who had been just over four and a half pounds.

For newborn sessions, I am always wanting to get lots of close ups of baby. Wrinkly feet, bent up little legs, sleepy faces. I don't do a lot of posing but I encourage a lot of cuddling and soothing and kissing, basically what is going on during the first days, anyway. I love to get lots of images with parents too, to show how little these sweet ones are and to show that amazing love that's there for them, completely enveloping them. Babies are technically considered newborns for just a few short weeks. That's why I always especially appreciate the confidence that parents have in me to take images of their child during this very special time.

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They are wonderful parents.

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We did a shot like this with Ariella two years ago.


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I love the classic knits and sweet little hats paired with new babies. All these hats were created by ASHLEY.IMG 2022 copy1 edited-1

She's so pretty.

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Then at the end we finished with a family cuddle with big sister, Ariella, who is delighted with her Emma.

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Mommy knit these hats for her girls.

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I'm so happy for you all to have your beautiful new girl with you. Much love.