I am one who believes with all my heart that little lives are a gift from God. Newborns never fail to stir me and make me appreciate all that is good and new and wonderful. I was so delighted to meet this little fellow and even more warmed by the fact the his adoring mummy has called him "Davin" because it means "Beloved". And it is very obvious that he really, really is adored in his family already.

Here he is with a gorgeous little swirl of black hair above his forehead...how I love a little cowlick like that!

IMG 6067 copy

It is so lovely to capture the freshness of a newborn and the little things that characterize the first few weeks. Love these little tiny toes and the peeling skin.

IMG 6095 copy

And I love the way newborn bodies are proportioned....look at that yummy tummy with his brand new belly button. I bet that his mummy will kiss that belly hundreds of times.

IMG 6083 copy

Such a sweet, sweet spirit. He was happy with just whatever we did with him...just hanging out, being a champ.

IMG 6091 copy

This one reminds me of how wonderful the smell of a new baby is. It is just so obvious that his mummy can't get enough of him.IMG 6145 copy

Then we tucked this little sweetheart into a basket and I love how all the focus here is on his wonderful little piggies again.

IMG 6184 copy

Such a beautiful mummy....and such a trooper for crawling in the garden for this one, narrowly missing a tiny bunny.

IMG 6199 copy

I know this special delivery is here to stay. He can unpack his bags and get comfortable!

IMG 6215 copy

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to spend this time with you. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I hope you have enjoyed a peek at our efforts!

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