I know it's a busy time when a new baby is expected. That's why I always appreciate the opportunity to document this special time of almost having another little person in the family. It's such a special and unique time where everything is about to change and the anticipation is high wondering what that little person will look like, how the family dynamic would change, and just longing to see that little face. Part of the wondering is often...and when will they come??? Being at the end of her pregnancy, we did a bit of wondering if we'd actually have a maternity session or if little miss might show up early. Thankfully she stayed put for about another week so we could get these portraits done with Joy, David and little Kyle.

We had a great night at the Des Moines Marina, walking the pier and the fields there. Kyle was a man on a mission: "To See Everything", like any good little boy so we pretty much jogged around behind him. He'd pause, we'd take a few photos and then we moved on. Joy looked gorgeous and the light was perfect.

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The men and the women in the family ;0 . (One of the men was looking for his fishy crackers).

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IMG 0958 copy

David knows how to get a good laugh from his wife (always love that).

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I just love this next shot, Joy standing in the golden light watching Kyle chasing after someone's kite.

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And then....the stars aligned...and we managed for a few perfect moments to distract Kyle and have him hand flowers to his mom. It was pretty sweet.

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Do you know how fast little boy kisses are? Pretty fast! That's why it's good to have a fast camera!

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At the end, as a reward, some time throwing rocks which is a universal hit with the little guys.

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I just got back from photographing this little honey. Let me tell you, the tummy in these pictures was holding a sweet, sweet girl. I can't wait to share these images too!