Ah, Facebook. How I love finding friends from all over on this happy little addiction of mine. Rachelle is a friend from high school and she found me or I found her...I don't really remember. What I do remember is seeing her wedding pictures to a nice looking guy named Kevin. Several months later, she messaged me that she was pregnant and asked if I would do some newborn pictures for them. I was thrilled to do that. It was so fun to see Rachelle and I was happy to meet Kevin, who truly is as nice as he looked to me in those wedding pictures. And, of course, it was so fun to be able to "play" with their lovely little son. It was a terribly dark day outside so we put my baby bean bag in a beautiful window and I had them up there too, as close as we could get to what natural light there was. As we worked with their little love, we drank coffee and they told me the story of how they got together. It was such a great morning.

Here is Brandt who is the sweetest little monkey of a boy. He is a real cuddle bug and surprised his parents by staying awake for a good chunk of his session, right after they told me that he sleeps all the time. I really love the awake pictures we got, as well as the sleepy ones.

IMG 9902 copywat

IMG 9954 copy edited-1

IMG 0031 copy edited-1

IMG 0069 copy edited-1

IMG 9866 copy edited-1

Little tummy. Little hands.

IMG 0048 copy edited-1

Little feet. Little bum.

IMG 9918 copywat

IMG 9919 copy edited-1

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IMG 9871 copy edited-1

IMG 9883 copy edited-1

I always love to see dads who are crazy about their babies.

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IMG 9990 copy edited-1

Yes, I am quite confident that Brandt's parents are quite able and willing to give him his Christmas wish this year.

IMG 0067 copy edited-1

Much love to your family, Kevin and Rachelle. What a pleasure it was to see you!