I have realized in the pace of keeping up with summer trips, swimming lessons, activities, that I have been saying "NO" to a lot of little things that come up daily. "No, Ruby, you can't make a robot out of plastic bags and pencils...bags are not safe for the boys to have around." "No, Jasper, we already had three stories. We can't do another one." "No, I am not going to play that song." "No, we won't put the tent up. We'll do it later."

Last night I was shopping for groceries at Top Foods with Ruby. She was prancing along in her rain boots with her bee umbrella, happily talking about how much she loves grapes. And then we saw....baby bananas right next to the regular ones we were picking out. She cooed, like they really were babies and asked if we could get some. I gave my usual no-they-are-too-expensive-response. Then I thought, that is ridiculous. Sure they are $1.99 a pound but if we get a few, they'll still be less than a dollar. So we got them.

IMG 9013 copy

This morning, everyone dove in, excited like they were ice cream cones or something. Ruby savored every bite and exclaimed that they tasted like cinnamon. Jasper was happy I let him peel his own and Tymen is a regular banana monster.

IMG 9018 copy

IMG 9019 copy


And it made me happy I said, "Yes." Yesterday I also said yes to a rowdy game of Hungry Hippos over popcorn while I should have been making dinner. I said yes to eight stories in a row. I said yes to Jasper fixing my hair for me.

I want to say "yes" more. Of course, I am not meaning throwing everything in the cart at Target that my kids look at. I mean taking time to enjoy the little stuff and to make a big deal about it. Ben is really good about this. He always takes time for a tickle or to make a blanket tent or to put together train tracks.

IMG 9035 copy

What are your baby bananas today to which you can say "yes"? Using your gift certificate to get a pedicure, buying ice cream bars for the family, having a little extra snuggle time. It really is worth it to see a smile like this.

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