My whole life, I’ve grown up hearing stories of Holland, where both our parents were born.  We’ve paged through the family albums and seen Dad with his blond curls and wooden shoes with his Opoe (grandmother) beaming behind him.  My mum has made many a batch of boterkoek and boerenkool. We heard them discuss us in Dutch when they didn’t want us to know what they were saying, and we watched them wooden shoe dance with a bunch of other Dutchies (who were very forgiving with my dad’s sense of rhythm).  My parents have been back several times.  My sister, Kelly, has gone and I have also wandered beside the canals, dodging bikes, but we’ve never been there together.

Last year, for my dad’s 70th, we told them that it was going on all our calendars…a trip to the Netherlands with The Original Kasteel Four.  My dad was a tiny bit excited.


The kids are being left behind with Ben and Dano (we married great guys!!!).   Kelly and I are hopping on a plane to meet my parents in Amsterdam.  We plan on eating croquettes, seeing a museum or two, doing a little shopping and having some laughs.

Here’s some postcards my dad sent us when he went back with his brother, Gerrit, when we were six and three. Now we’ll be the ones sending back postcards to our kiddos.


So here’s to the first family trip with the four of us since probably high school! Plenty of pictures to follow!