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Coming to visit us for a few days is one of our favorite people in town, Meghan, Ben's sister, who is the kind of person that I would have searched for as a friend, had I not happily been given her as a sister. She is smart and funny and warm and has a way of making everyone is a five mile radius feel very loved.

IMG 2884 copy

(Isn't she gorgeous? Poor thing, she has two brothers, a brother-in-law and a dad who all love her like crazy and who will weigh in heavily with any guy she brings home.)

IMG 2858 copy


The kids were wildly happy to find her in the kitchen this morning after her late night flight in and we decided to take the crazies to the beach to muck around. Into the van went all the goodies and off to the marina we went to discover a lot of algae and a happy expanse of empty beach for us to cruise around.

There was a little struggling over bucket control, especially by the two year old in the shark boots who wanted the monopoly....surprise!

IMG 2877 copy

IMG 2883 copy


Then there was a beautiful moment or two of sibling unity during which Ruby explained things to her brother, "This is teamwork, Jas. We work together to do something." (Basically, we do what I say.) Off they went to collect sticks.

IMG 2909 copy

IMG 2921 copy

Jasper singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" as he goes, his anthem as of late.

It was fun and then time to go. We stripped down to diapers in the car and put the wet stuff in plastic bags. Meghan tried in vain to keep Tymen awake in the car until he could properly nap at home.

IMG 2930 copy


It was a lovely morning, but we had about 15 conversations that we didn't get to finish as they were interrupted by "Auntie Meghan, look at me! Auntie Meghan!!!!!"

So my lovely husband is sending us off for pedicures tonight....so we can visit. What a guy.