This session was a long time in coming. When co-ordinating involves family schedules and weather considerations, and then you throw in a few other monkey wrenches like sickness and long distance drives, it can take a bit to pull off. But we all made it for this family session, even me who struggled to find parking at Seattle Center on a Saturday and was the last to arrive.

I have a special spot in my heart for this family. Kathy is a dear friend of mine. She has walked through some hard seasons with me, and seen my heart clearly. I have appreciated her advice and wisdom and ability to laugh. She is a jewel.

She treasures her beautiful family and wanted photos of all of them together and was the grand organizer of this day.

Here are the grandsons:

Taye and Khalil...truly yummy little guys, and terribly funny according to their mom's Facebook statuses (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....).

IMG 0076 copy edited-1

They belong to Chelsea and Idressa.

IMG 0088 copy edited-1

Then the granddaughters:

Maddie and Kiley, true delights who actually live right across the street from their grandparents. I always love hearing about Christmas holidays and other family times when they are traveling back and forth between houses, sometimes in p.j.'s.

Aren't they beautiful?

IMG 0067 copy edited-1

They belong to Ryan and Angie.

IMG 0105 copy edited-1

And Steve and Kathy happily claim that they ALL belong to them.

IMG 0229 copy edited-1

I love the way that they value family.

IMG 0126 copy


IMG 0113 copy edited-1

IMG 0121 copy edited-1

IMG 0169 copy edited-1

IMG 0195 copy edited-1

We played around a bit.

IMG 0219 copy edited-1

This cool fountain was over by the Science Museum. There was another little boy there who was determined to be a part of the family and kept grinning out at us from behind the whale.

IMG 0201 copy edited-1

IMG 0204 copy edited-1

So glad that we were finally able to pull this off and get together for this session. I know Kathy, who also loves photography, and I definitely agree that it is worth the effort.