I just love it when families have the same perspective that I do on family photos, to really capture a slice of their lives right now. Jamie and Shannon are so easygoing and were perfectly happy to try whatever I wanted at their home. I loved how warm and affectionate they were with their two kids, Charlie and Madeline. Kissing, cuddling, tickling, playing, talking...pretty much is what their lives with their kiddos looks like now, and that's what we focused on. Shannon laughed when I told her that I wanted to start in their bedroom because of all the beautiful evening light that was streaming in. She plopped a few things off the end of the bed and told me to go for it.


IMG 0007 copy


IMG 0009 copybw

Sweet Maddie was determined to eat her dress and we had to pull it out of her mouth many, many times :) .

IMG 0024 copy

Oh man, Charlie is a sweetheart....so funny and laidback and loving it when his mummy and daddy messed with him.

IMG 0035 copy


IMG 0052 copy


IMG 0049 copy

What a girl.

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Funny girl.

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shannon gallery


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IMG 9903 copy

We did photos with their family two years ago when Charlie was a baby . When I was looking at Maddie, it felt like same song, second verse! Genetics are amazing.

IMG 9909 copy

IMG 9937 copy


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They moved this past year into this awesome house which just so happens to be across the street from another of my favorite families. How cool is that.

IMG 0219 copy

To the back yard where Charlie puttered away in his sandbox and then we took some portraits of him in the perfect light that we had.

IMG 0293 cop1

IMG 0300 copy

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Happy. Shannon and Jamie, thanks for having me come photograph your gorgeous family again.

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