I find myself hovering around Facebook looking for updates when a mom who I've done a maternity session with, gives any indication that she's having the baby. After doing a little maternity session with their family, I was really excited to hear that their baby girl had been born at home. Since they are just a two minute drive away, I asked if I could invite myself over to take a couple "first day" pictures of sweet Astraea and her mama. I just love my very first pictures of my kids on their first days of life and was so happy to come take a peek of Astraea, hear a very condensed version of how it all went, and then dash back out the door 15 minutes later. She was perfect!

1-IMG 8046 copy


02-IMG 8055 copy

Mindi was looking just beautiful and full of love for her girl.

04-IMG 8070 copy copy

03-IMG 8072 copy

Then I got to pop back just over a week later for her newborn pictures. How fun that she came a little earlier than her due date so she could have Christmas with her family.

05-IMG 9708 copy

39-Astraea Joy

They boys were rolling around and wrestling and she was all cuddled up sleeping soundly when I arrived. They are in love with their little sister.

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08-IMG 9740 copy


09-IMG 9750 copy

07-IMG 9733 copy

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Mindi said that the other day she called Astraea "sweetheart" and Orrin corrected her. He's the sweetheart and she can be the "princess". Love that. I am sure he's going to keep her entertained.

11-IMG 9766 copy

This wee girl has inspired a flood of pink in their house and her mama (who made this little tutu) said she just can't get enough of it.

13-IMG 9964 copy


12-IMG 9957 copy

There are a lot of styles out there when it comes to newborn photography from the very styled and posed (think babies curled up in baskets) to the complete lifestyle approach (think newborn babies being changed and fed). While I have seen some absolutely beautiful work all along that spectrum, my approach with newborns comes in in two parts. I like to get lots of babies all cuddled up and loved on by their family members. I also like to get lots of lovely closeups of faces, curled up legs, bellies and feet (I really love little piggies!). Those little newborns change so quickly, I always feel like it's such a blessing to be able to photograph this very special time.

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I just love these ones of Mindi and Jack with their girl.

24-IMG 0026 copy

28-IMG 0049 copy


25-IMG 0034 copy

40-Astraea Joy1


27-IMG 0060 copy

So, so, so pretty.

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41-Astraea Joy2

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Her room was pink and wonderful with lots of handmade and carefully selected goodies. What a sweet room to grow in! What's even better is all that love of her family to nourish her through the years. Mindi, Jack, Wes, Zane and Orrin, congratulations on your perfect little girl.

42-Astraea Joy3

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