What a joy it’s been to photograph sweet Astraea as she’s grown.  She turned two at the end of December and her mom and I were happy to have a sunny morning to take her two year old portraits mini session.  She has a very soft little heart and lovely personality and  has her three big brothers adoring her.  I would guess that Astraea’s favorite person is her mama and though she was a bit shy about doing all her pictures on her own, I’m thrilled to document the love that this mama and her girl have for each other. Thank you, Mindi, for the joy of photographing your family! 01-Astraea2years-102-Astraea2years-203-Astraea 2 Years04-Astraea2years-705-Astraea2years-5-206-Astraea2years-907-Astraea2years-1008-Astraea2years-111-Astraea2years-809-Astraea2years-1210-Astraea2years-13