It's always so FUN for me to get the email after doing a maternity session that the baby has arrived! We met and talked just a few weeks ago during their family/maternity session. They were all so excited to meet their sweet boy and Charlie arrived and has filled their hearts perfectly. This was the second session I have done in a month that I also did newborn pictures for the big sibling. It sure doesn't seem like that long ago that Ellie was the lovebug on the bed all curled up with the head of hair. This time she was dancing and playing and bringing me books and cuddling with her little brother.

01-IMG 0341 copy

02-IMG 0339 copy

03-IMG 0346 copy

How perfect is this big sister book as the main character has the same name as Ellie :).

06-IMG 0493 copy

04-IMG 0376 copy

05-IMG 0387 copy copy

We did a few more of the whole family cuddled up on this special quilt.

07-IMG 0425 copy

When Ellie rolled herself over and started kissing her dad, Sharleen laughed and said the she is her daddy's girl for sure.

11-IMG 0512 copy

08-IMG 0431 copy

She was more than happy to kiss and cuddle with her mommy too. They have made her feel very special in her role and she's loving being the big girl.

09-IMG 0472 copy

10-IMG 0440 copy

Charlie is a little sweet nugget of a boy. He was cozy and all curled up and so good, even with all the moving around with him that we did. I was happy to get in some baby cuddles as well during this time.

12-IMG 0542 copy

13-IMG 0546 copy

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I don't do a lot of posing with newborns. I prefer to see them as they are, all curled up with bendy legs. I always try to get a few just in their diapers too so we can see those bellies and belly buttons and arms and legs that just look so very new. We always want them to be very comfortable so we jack the heat way up and for these Charlie's dad was even holding a little space heater behind him and keeping him toasty.

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Love this little look, like he's warning me that there will be no taking him from this bottle before he's done.

28-IMG 0576 copy

29-IMG 0586 copy

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After going through it once before and knowing how quickly these newborn days go, Sharleen and Moni are reminding each other (in spite of the lack of sleep ;) ), to soak up this time. I am so pleased to be able to document their precious boy and their family which is so complete with him.