Last year we had quite a hoopla for our tenth anniversary. I went with Ben to Santa Barbara and we had portraits taken to celebrate and ate tons of yummy food including lobster bisque which I fantasize about (if you had creamy lobster bisque covered with puff pastry, you'd fantasize too!). Then we went to Paris where we strolled city parks, ate delicious escargot and cheese plates, and kissed in the courtyard of the Louvre.

This year, we went out for dinner! Not quite as exciting (or expensive :) ) but it was nice to have the night away. Oma and Opa took the crazies out for Mexican where they were astonished at the amount of rice and beans that Theo can pack away in his chubby belly. We went to Mc Cormick and Schmick, one of our favorites.

But first, we ran to the park and I made my dad take some pictures for us. He was a good sport, even when I was a wee bit bossy and I ran back and forth between setting up the shot and then being in love for the pictures ;).


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5-IMG 9760 copy

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4-IMG 9698 copy

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7-IMG 9894 copy