I have been absolutely uplifted by the beautiful ideas left in the comments of how your families "give love" to others, especially at Christmas. IMG 9499-1 copywat

  • choosing families to buy food and gifts for at Christmas
  • bringing blankets and food to the homeless
  • filling shoeboxes with gifts for Operation Christmas Child, especially including your own kids to fill the boxes
  • buying gifts through the World Vision catalogue to bless those in third world countries
  • bringing in change jars and donating the money
  • having kids share from their toys
  • baking for others, especially involving kids
  • supporting moms
  • handmaking gifts like knit items
  • visiting seniors and making them cards
  • spoiling a mom who has opened up her heart to raise a second set of kids

I loved that some of the ideas were monetary which is always needed. There were also a lot of giving which involved time. Loved the ideas of the giving of time and attention. Taking time to pause and talk with those who are lonely or need a connection. Supporting young single moms. Singing for seniors.

Can any of us get too much love? I don't think so...except for little brothers who just want to take a nap :) .

IMG 9613-1 copywat

So....here was my opportunity to give a special gift to one of you. However,  I found myself reading and tearing up a few times and I decided to have TWO WINNERS!!

I went on this cool website which chooses a randomly generated number and the winners are:

ABBY - My youngest daughter was adopted and we have an open adoption. So every year we do a care package for her birthmother. It is a great way to give back and still be a part of her life.


INESE I try to be sensitive to the Lord’s promtings. If it is money in the salvation army red bins then it is that, or Seattle Gospel Mission Christmas meals drive, then that, both of which we are doing this year. I believe the most important thing is to be willing to give and share however the Lord guides.

I am delighted to give you both a mini session at some point this year. Please contact me  through the contact section on my website and I can let you know how we can plan on this.

As a thank you to all you who participated, I would like to offer you a 20% discount if you book with me for a regular session by January 15. All your entries encouraged me.

IMG 9505-1 copywat

Then just a few more pictures of my baby boy...because I am so thankful he's with us this Christmas!

IMG 9586-1 copywat

Merry Christmas, everyone!