From three to four. Adding a new little person into the mix always changes things up, of course, but it's always amazing how they fit and are so completely loved right away....a perfect piece of the puzzle. Little Alanah joined their family just under three months ago and these portraits were to celebrate them being a family of four now. She's a dimply, rolly, sweet little thing who's just getting to the age of grinning. Sabrina and I were talking about how you just want to make faces and talk to them to get smiles all day fun. Kamilah is a sweet natured big sister at three, responsive and articulate and it was a real pleasure to play around with her.

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Sabrina with her beauties.

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Hello, big brown eyes.

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It was pure fun to take some photos of this strikingly beautiful mama and her little minis.

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I could tell that Kamilah is very affectionate because she's been so very loved.

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Eeek. Baby faces make me laugh.

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Such a gorgeous family.

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I love to get a real little slice of life with babies too. Alanah was a movie star and then at the end...she was ready for a nap. Who could blame her? It's hard work being cute.

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While she was settled down to sleep, Kamilah and I went for a visit in her sweet princess room. This girl is a happy sunshine.

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Ever so carefully, I had Sabrina pick her up for our last few shots. She was all lovely, chubby yumminess.

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I adore this one. I think about it all the time, the incredible love that a parent has for a child. There's no putting words to it, really, and because a picture is worth a thousand of them anyways....

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Nazam and Sabrina, thank you for letting me in to capture some of the warmth and sweetness of your beautiful family.

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