When I first started my little business, a friend of mine said that what she has always noticed  is that getting the business of friends of friends is the best kind of connection. This has absolutely been true for me. I so appreciate those who pass along the word and share my website with others in their circles. What I have noticed when we get together is how much I like them too. When I post my clients' blogs on my facebook page, I request them as "friends" also so I can post on their pages. It's a fun way to share our session....and a sneaky way for me to include myself in their circles to hear updates and watch their families grow. Meghan is one of these friends of a friend that I am talking about. I was delighted to meet her, especially when the dicey January weather gave us a little window of no rain to meet for her tummy pictures with her family.

She definitely had a baby belly but was so tall and elegant, that it isn't the first thing that you notice about her.

IMG 3357 copy edited-1

Meghan is married to Matt who has an awesome son, Andrew.

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Andrew is the kind of first grader that I really dig. He is smart, funny and he didn't mind getting out of school a tiny bit early that day.  He was gung ho to be in the pictures. I'm telling you, I love a kid who loves the camera :) .

He is ready to meet this little sister of his, though he did say that he wasn't really into helping with diapers when I asked him if that job was going to be his.

IMG 3332 copy edited-1

This sweet girlie is going to be very lucky to have a big brother like him.

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IMG 3338 copy edited-1

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I've said it before, but I will say it again. There is no way for me to create the affection between families but it is always my pleasure to capture it. With this family it was just there... a warm, easygoing attachment between them all.

IMG 3391 copy edited-1

IMG 3396 copy

See Andrew's reflection in the window? I did that on purpose to show their little guy trying to get Meghan to smile.

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IMG 3367 copy edited-1

IMG 3398 copy edited-1

Love these ones. This is going to be one beautiful baby with parents like these.

IMG 3443 copy edited-1

Someone else was feeling the love too. Big brother Andrew just couldn't resist jumping into this happy scene. Like most of my favorite shots, it was one that I hadn't planned.

IMG 3447 copywat-1

IMG 3462 copy edited-1

IMG 3482 copywat

Such a pretty mama.

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Ahhhh, tummy sessions are some of my favorites because I get to look forward to meeting the little newborns that are tucked in those bellies.  Thanks for a great afternoon and I look forward to seeing your sweet girl.